World Leading Psychiatrist Reveals 22 Rules of Life That Will Shift Your Life 180 Degrees

15th March 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ General Health News,Awareness

Shift Your Life 180 Degrees

With a total of 30 books on the topic of practical and popular psychology, totaling over 5 million books in circulation, along with a large number of scientific articles on important topics in the psychotherapy and psychology fields, Mikhail Litvak is believed by many to be one of the greatest!

Here are 22 tips from him on how to succeed better in life and also better your relationships:

1. If all your actions are well planned, happiness will naturally follow.

2. Both immature and mature people have knowledge. But for those who are immature, the application of this knowledge is not easy whereas the mature person utilises it and converts it into action. This is the reason the former cannot do anything much, other than criticising everyone else.

3. Learn to live for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll always be trying to prove yourself to others, and you will be living for them.

4. Nobody discards people. It is just that not everyone moves at the same pace and some move ahead sooner.

5. If you want to daydream, fantasise about things which are realistic and goals which can be achieved. This way you will not lose your drive.

6. You can never please every single person. And if you don’t stop trying, then you are preparing yourself for huge failure.

7. Instead of spending your time with a shallow person in the name of company, invest it in a book. It will be more entertaining as well.

8. Someone who can’t praise themselves will inevitably start criticising others. And this is when they have nothing much to talk about.

9. The idea that there is a difference between male logic and female logic is illogical in itself. You are either wise or you’re not.

10. If people try to make you feel guilty or grateful for their help, it is better that you pay them off for their services and let them go.

11. Someone who is really happy within himself wouldn’t find it necessary that others should think really good about him or her too.

12. Your biggest enemy is not someone lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to slip up. Your biggest enemy is you and facing this enemy can be really tough.

13. If you really have an uncontrollable urge to dig into things, dig into the details of philosophy or science, not into each other’s back.

14. Do not pay attention to insults and criticisms. The day you finally achieve your goals, none of the rest would matter.

15. If you really crave something in life, don’t wait around and definitely don’t ask for permission to have it. Rather try to become the one who can control this thing.

16. Happiness is not something that you chase after. It will not be found hidden in the great outdoors’ nook and cranny. It comes from deep within you and can only be achieved when you learn contentment.

17. Talking to your friends is a good thing no doubt. But when you talk with those who are your enemies, you learn so many new things. Your own shortcomings are just a few of the things. It is rather better to listen to your enemies, than friends.

18. Depression is bad, and frightful and hard. But it is also an opportunity to look deep within yourself. And find out what are the things that have been driving you forward or turning away.

19. If you are in a relationship, be it that of romantic inclination, or a business partnership, you should never break it off, unless you feel that your own growth has been suffocating and not able to take off when you were part of the said relationship.

20. When you try to talk to someone, don’t be afraid, they might actually think favorably of you.

21. If you are alone, especially if you face loneliness after love, it means you are mature and grown spiritually. Also, being alone sort of enhances our productivity.

22. Never be too selfish of your own happiness. When you share it with your friends it enhances your happiness by making them happy. When you share it with your rivals, they just have to deal with the idea that you are better than them.

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