How do I search for information?

Our search options and tools include:


“One-Click” Searching

Example Nearest Pharmacy …

Simply click on the Pharmacies icon on the home page and the system will automatically show the nearest Pharmacies to your current location.



Google Type Searching

Example Life Coach in Nelspruit …

 Google Search

Advanced Searching

Example drill down to Specialists in Johannesburg …

Adcanced Search


Advanced Searching

Example drill down to Professionals Contracted to a specific Medical Aid in Johannesburg …

 Advanced Search


Map Drill Down

Example drill down to show Life Coach in Nelspruit …

Simply click on the markers on the home page map to drill down in your requested location.

Map Search

Map Search

Map Search


Site Navigation Search

Example Specialists -> Pastoral Counsellors …

 Navigation Search


Search Order

All search results can be displayed ascending/descending and sorted by:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Popularity
  • Featured Listing
  • Rating
  • Nearest


And displayed as:

  • Plotted on map
  • List
  • Grid

Sort Order