10 Signs You’re Way Too Dependent On Your Boyfriend

4th October 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Preventative Health,Awareness

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It’s only natural for your boyfriend to become your best friend once you’ve been together a while. You probably spend a lot of your time together, and he’s the first one you tell when something exciting happens. While there’s nothing wrong with relying on each other for certain things, it’s also possible to be too dependent on each other. Think about it— relying too heavily on one source for anything is never a good idea. It’s easy to fall into the routine of your life revolving around each other, but the cold hard truth is that your relationship might not last forever, and where will that leave you? Here are 10 signs you’re way too codependent and need to take a step back.

1. You go weeks without seeing your friends.

If you actually think about it you might even realize that they’ve stopped asking you to hang out as often because you always have an excuse not to. If you never make time for them, it won’t be long before they stop bothering with you altogether.

2. You don’t like going to things solo anymore.

Whether it’s something big like a family wedding, or just a casual happy hour with a few co-workers, you invite him along. You don’t want to go to anything solo anymore, because you feel incomplete without him there.

3. Your friends have to make it explicitly clear when he isn’t invited to something.

If your friends are planning a girl’s night out, they can’t be sure that your boyfriend won’t tag along, or crash the party half way through the night. If they don’t want him there, they have to tell you in no uncertain terms. And they know if they do that, they’re risking you not coming either.

4. You always feel the need to check in with him before making plans.

Even if it’s something small like grabbing brunch with your Mom on Sunday. You might not have any solid plans with him, but you just assume you’ll spend every waking weekend minute in each others presence and you have to make sure he’s okay with you doing your own thing for a couple hours.

5. You have a lot of routines.

Every couple has routines, so nothing out of the ordinary there. But is it a big hassle to break those routines every once in awhile? Does it throw everything else out of whack? Routines are necessary, but they shouldn’t control you.

6. You’re the attached at the hip couple you used to roll your eyes at.

Before you were with this guy, you would have scoffed at couples who couldn’t spend a minute apart. Now you’re completely oblivious to the fact that you’ve become one of those couples.

7. At a party, you spend most of the time hanging out with each other.

Your social skills are actually suffering because you can’t seem to pry yourself from his side for five minutes. People might not say anything, but they definitely notice, trust me.

8. You hate spending more than a night or two away from him.

Sleeping without him beside you is almost impossible, so if he has to be away (say for a bachelor party or a work trip), you insist on keeping in close contact and knowing exactly what he’s doing at all times. Guaranteed, his friends are giving him a hard time about it, so don’t be surprised if he’s a little distant when he gets back to town.

9. You’ve ditched some of your hobbies in favour of his.

You used to go to a weekly book club meeting, but it’s the same night as his favorite bar’s trivia night, so you never make it to book club anymore. While sharing a few hobbies is great, you should definitely have some separate interests as well.

10. You spend all day texting him.

You rarely go a few hours without talking, and you’re constantly giving each other a play-by-play of your life. Even when you’re in a serious relationship, a little mystery can go a long way.


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